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Server RAM in Windows 2008

5 years ago
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I have an old HP blade server with 4 CPU's and 16GB of memory. Recently it was upgraded to a new OS 2008(32 bit), on start-up th POST counts 16Gb of memory, but when I open the task manager it only shows 3.5GB. In previous versions you could force Windows to use all the RAM with /3GB setting in boot.ini, but the new OS doesn't use boot.ini.
How can I force the OS to use all the RAM?
5 years ago
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Windows Server 2008 no longer uses boot.ini, all the boo parameters are no stored in Boot Configuration Data (BCD).
Uou can access it via command line utility 'Bcdedit.exe'
Open command window (cmd) as administrator and paste these 2 commands:

to turn on /3GB:
bcdedit.exe /set increaseuserva 3072  then hit ENTER

to turn on /PAE

bcdedit.exe /set pae forceenable   then hit ENTER


Check task manager. Now the server should use all installed ram

to turn off  /3GB

bcdedit.exe /deletevalue increaseuserva

to turn off /PAE

bcdedit.exe /deletevalue pae


Good luck
5 years ago
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Hey Wizard,
I have a similar problem with Windows 7 64 bit
5 years ago
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Windows 7(64 bit) should be able to use all installed RAM
Try this:
Enable in BIOS function Memory Remap Feature to Enable. Or uncheck the maximum memory: Control Panel-> administrative tools-> system configuration---> Download--> tab advanced settings

cmd(command prompt) run as administrator-> in the open window in turn run the commands:
bcdedit /set nolowmem on
bcdedit /set PAE forceenable

If after these commands appear problems-cancel them:
bcdedit /set nolowmem off
bcdedit /set PAE forcedisable

Good luck