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How To Boot And Install Windows From USB memory stick

6 years ago
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Please help, I need to know how to do a fresh install of windows 7 from a usb stick.
6 years ago
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Bob, I hope this helps:

How To Boot And Install Windows From USB memory stick

1. Under the disk drives section, right click on the USB storage drive and select Properties.

2. Go to the Policies tab, select optimize for performance. Click OK.

3. In Windows Explorer, you should see the USB storage drive in the inventory. Right click and select Format, Select NTFS.

4. Open a command prompt and type "cd Desktop/MBRWiz2.0/" Enter then "MBRWiz /list" withouth quotes.

5. Record the disk number of your USB Stick.

6. select disk X (X is the drive number of the USB stick.

7. type "list partition" without quotes.

8. select partition Y (Y is the partition number of the USB flash drive), the type "active" without quotes.

9. Copy windows to a folder on your drive

10. At command prompt type "cd win" (Change the destination to the folder that you have copied) then "cd boot"

11. bootsect /nt60 X: (X is the drive latter of your USB drive )

Now, copy all the files from the Windows folder, it should be a bootable drive

Good luck