Seagate ST3500414CS 9GW142-160 FW

CA12 500gb 3.5" Sata Hard Drive


Seagate Pipeline HD 500 GB internal hard drive. The Seagate internal hard drive has a 5,900-rpm rotational speed, which boosts reading from and writing to the hard drive. This 500 GB Seagate hard drive boots your OS faster, and loads applications much quicker. The Seagate Pipeline HD 500 GB internal hard drive’s ample cache memory, and faster average seek time make for reduced power consumption, and generating lesser noise and vibrations. Connecting via a SATA standard port, this Seagate internal hard drive provides a very high data transfer rate. The Seagate hard drive can be installed in all types of desktops and servers.
Product Identifiers
Brand Seagate
Model Pipeline HD
MPN ST3500414CS
Key Features
Enclosure Internal
Capacity 500 GB
Buffer Size 16 MB
Hard Drive Type HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
Spindle Speed 5900 RPM


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