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Seagate ST3500414CS 9GW142-160 FW

CA12 500gb 3.5" Sata Hard Drive


The Western Digital Caviar WD1600BB 160 GB ATA-100 Hard Drive is fully compatible with PC, Mac systems.The Hard Drive connect by: DMA/ATA-100 (Ultra) for Internal utilization. Spinning up to 7200 RPM and capacity 160 GB

CCTV Security Camera Systems

Did you know that there’s a way where you can be anywhere in the world, and watching a live feed of your home, business, or wherever it is that you have your security surveillance system set up?
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Home Automation

Be prepared to enter a world more fun and exciting than you ever thought possible. Home Automation has never been so easy, affordable, and flexible. Sophisticated home automation systems are NOT only available for the likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.
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