Home Automation

Be prepared to enter a world more fun and exciting than you ever thought possible. Home Automation has never been so easy, affordable, and flexible. Sophisticated home automation systems are NOT only available for the likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.
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Home Automation Rmote Control

 Anyone with a computer and a few extra bucks can join in on the fun also.

ActiveHome software is the backbone of your PC controlled home automation system. It's powerful, fun, and easy to learn and use. The drag and drop interface makes it accessible to anyone and is very feature-rich.

ActiveHome allows you to program and automate your X10 modules in every room of your home using simple on-screen controllers and timers. Just select the module you would like to automate then drag it to your Room for programming.

As a matter of fact, ActiveHome allows you to create unlimited Rooms and program an unlimited number of possible scenarios in each one of them. For example, you can set a timer on your kids bedroom lights to go out at 9pm on weekdays and 11pm on weekends. Setup a timer on the living room lights to turn on as soon as the sun goes down to make it seems like you're home even when you're not.



Fun & Easy Interface - Hundreds of Uses!

It's hard to believe that one mysterious, little, black box plugged into the back of your PC can do so much! But it really does! ActiveHome Pro unites the thinking power of your computer with the physical parts of your home. There is so much you can do, yet the drag-n-drop software interface is incredibly intuitive and easy. If you can check your Email, you can use ActiveHome Pro.

You'll be able to control lights and appliances, dim lights with the click of a mouse, set lights and appliances on convenient, energy-conserving schedules, set macros and more.

Turn on the porch light at night with a click, dim the lights with a click to set the mood, turn off all the downstairs lights before bed at night without actually going downstairs, turn on your home's lights and start the coffee pot in the morning as you check your email or read the news online and more. Or even better, create the perfect morning setting, so you wake to the lights gently fading on, the smell of freshly-brewed coffee and your favorite news station coming on. Keep in mind, this is all without you getting out of bed or even lifting a finger! You create the settings once and ActiveHome Pro will do the rest. The only limit is your imagination!

This ActiveHome Starter kit was designed with everyone in mind.



  • Control your you lights and appliances from your PC
  • Save money and energy - set your lights/appliances on energy-conserving schedules
  • Keep your home safe - randomly turn your lights, radios, and TVs on and off while on vacation
  • Let your home run itself - set it in Lifestyle Mode, and it will memorize your actions and repeat them
  • Expand and modify your system with as many more remotes and light/appliance modules as you want