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Did you know that there’s a way where you can be anywhere in the world, and watching a live feed of your home, business, or wherever it is that you have your security surveillance system set up?
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*Premises protection*  *Shop Retailers* *Schools* *Industrial* *Carparks* *Elderley relatives*   *Pets*  *Child Care / Nurserys*   


The IP network surveillance camera system is just as it states, i.Tec enigma@ can install a cost effective system whatever your requirements, you will automatically have the ability to log into your system through the online internet anywhere in the world, and watch a live feed of any camera of the system.



  Should you be an unfortunate statistic and your home is burglarized, even if the thieves see the equipment and disable it and steal your PC  for them its to late,They have already been captured on film, our systems record in real time to the web so all it takes to retrieve the incriminating evidence is to log on from amy pc and download the footage and hand over to the police.

Insurance companies are known to offer a discount on your policy when CCTV protection is in use.

For free advice or to arrange a premises visit call Pc Wizards R Us today or use our contact sheet for more details and systems we offer.

We can supply both wired & wirless systems both pc and non pc based, we can upgrade your pc cheaply to enable any CCTV system saving you the cost of expensive equipment.   

Keep an eye on your home even if your on holiday via laptop or mobile phone 

 If you have pet’s at home that need an eye kept on them to make sure they’re not making a mess and they’re ok, then i.Tec have the system for you.     

when you can install a highly efficient IP camera system that will save you countless hours and an unimaginable amount of worry.  

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